Palletwood Stuff

Shou Sugi Ban, an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood. This raises the grain of the wood nicely.

Pallet Wood Stuff Boxes

Pallet Wood Stuff is about upcycling old shipping pallets.

By creating new stuff from them we keep them from being burnt or going to land fill.

At Pallet Wood Stuff our goal is to make something practical and useful out of pallet wood.

This could be something ornamental; or it could be functional like a clock, a box, a workbench or a table.

In fact anything that prevents a pallet from being used as firewood or worse just being left to rot!

I have no formal woodworking training and rely largely on my imagination…

Latest Pallet Wood News

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    New small batch of coasters off the bench. We are pleased with these. Have used slightly thicker and softer wood for these. So got a nice deep burn and good […]
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    We have been working on some palletwood block tealight holders and have regularly shared pictures of the progress on Instagram. Well now now we can share some completed examples. They […]
  • Colourful Incense Burners
    Using up some offcuts to make incense burners. Cut a groove in each with the router, drilled a hole at about 45 degrees at each end of the grooves. Then […]