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Our Whats New category will have short posts about projects that are in progress that will eventually have full posts written when they are completed.

Pallet Wood Guitar and Spitfire Clock Update 25 August 2019

Pallet Wood Guitar and Spitfire Clock Update 25 August 2019

Been having a bit of a push to try and get  some “in progress” projects completed. One of these is the Spitfire clock that I have been making for a friend who wants to gift it to someone. The clock face itself was pretty much complete apart from 3 applications of Danish oil and them […]

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power tool workbench power bank

Power Tool Workbench Update

Not long after I had built the power tool  workbench and started using it I realised that having 3 power cables going from the bench to wall outlet was  pain. The solution was simple, purchase and fit a power bank. it was just a matter of me remembering to buy one when I went to […]

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cutting out a spitfire clock face

Making Progress with those Two New Clocks

On August 2nd I made a short post about two new clocks I had started working on. Well there has been progress made on them! As you can see below the High Perch Phaeton Carriage has been cut out and the outline was traced onto the wood. Then the outline and details was burnt into […]

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Pallet wood guitar clock update

Pallet Wood Guitar Clock Project – Update 4 Aug 19

I have been working on this Pallet Wood Guitar Clock Project for a little while now, it’s one of those learn on the job projects and this latest session has thrown up a few things to resolve. The first thing to overcome was to figure out how to mount the clock movement as the shaft […]

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two new pallet wood clocks started

Two New Pallet Wood Clocks Started

Just started a new project yesterday to create two new pallet wood clocks. One is for a birthday present and will feature a Spitfire and the other, featuring a Phaeton Carriage, is for Shalini’s stall at the upcoming Georgian Festival in Stamford on 28th and 29th September 2019. The image below shows the four prepared […]

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