Workshop Tools

This category will look at the tools I have in my workshop with an emphasis on the home made tools that I have. All of which have pallet wood in their construction.

reciprocating saw baled

A Reciprocating Saw to help Dismantle Pallets

Yes I finally got myself up to date recently our local Lidl store had Reciprocating Saws in stock so I treated myself to one, specifically for dismantling pallets. The one I got was cordless and I have to admit it is very powerful and now makes cutting through the nails a breeze. In fact I […]

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wood gluing clamps made from pallet wood

Wood Gluing Clamps made from Pallet Wood

It wasn’t long after I started working with pallet wood that the need arose for the pallet planks  to be glued together. Up to four planks side by side was OK as my clamps were big enough, but anything more than that I and I was stuck so to speak! It wasn’t long before I […]

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A workbench for my static power tools

Power Tool Workbench made from Upcycled Pallet Wood

In an attempt to try and get some sort of organisation in my workshop I decided to build a power tool workbench made from upcycled pallet wood. The idea was to get the chop saw, pillar drill and planner/thicknesser all in one place and all at a comfortable working height for me. I find leaning […]

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