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Palletwood Block Tealight Holders

Palletwood Block Tealight Holders - dyed

We have been working on some palletwood block tealight holders and have regularly shared pictures of the progress on Instagram.

Well now now we can share some completed examples. They started out as pallet blocks. Nails that couldn’t be removed were hammered deeper below the surface.

I cleaned up the end grain on the table saw and then gave them an all over light sanding. The holes for the tealight were cut and the edges were given a round over. Next, my favourite part, all were burnt using the Shou Sugi Ban technique. Then it was over to colour master Shalini for colouring. Finally they were finished with Tung Oil.

These examples and more are available in our online shop and also at our stockists in Stamford and Spalding.

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