Pallet Wood Clock BI-PLANE


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Pallet Wood Clock BI-PLANE is one of the first clocks I ever made from salvaged palletwood, perhaps it could be called my “learning” clock.

four pallet wood planks on the clamps ready for gluing togetherIt is made from four lengths of pallet wood that had been cleaned and sanded. These lengths were then glued together along the edges and clamped for 24 hours.

After 24 hours the clamps were removed and excess glue cleaned away. Then a hole was drilled into the centre so the router could be anchored.

Then the router was used to cut out the circle from glued together planks and then the cut edges were sanded smooth.

Now we are ready to transfer the image from paper onto the wood using graphite paper and tracing it on. Then a pyrography pen was used to burn the image into wood so it becomes permanent. Finally the clock was finished with Danish Oil and Bison wax.

Pallet Wood Clock BI-PLANE measures 28cm diameter and 2cm thick.

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