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The Shou sugi ban Pallet wood Coaster 03 has been crafted from wood salvaged from a shipping pallet. Our ethos is to only work with reclaimed wood.

Pallet Wood Coaster 03 | Shou Sugi Ban | Sky BlueCoasters can be bought individually or in sets of 2 & 4. The pictures are examples only as each coaster will have its own natural grain and the patterns that emerge after charring the wood will be unique to each piece.

Our coasters are available on backorder. This means if you order more pieces than the numbers shown “in stock” above you should allow upto 10 days for the order to be processed. We will have to craft the coasters using the the process detailed below before we can post them to you. If unsure please contact us before placing an order.

How the Shou Sugi Ban Pallet Wood Coaster 03 are made

These coasters are cut from pallet wood planks that have first been de-nailed and sanded. The wood is then cut into approximately 9 cm squares.

Next step is to burn the coasters with a torch until the surface is blistered, much like Crocodile skin to look at.

Then we brush the charred wood off with an abrasive wheel. With a very coarse brush we are able to dig out the softer wood which effectively raises the natural grain.

Finally the shousugiban coasters are dyed with a water based wood stain and then polished using Liberon Black Bison wax.

Pallet Wood Coaster 03 has been coloured using Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic colour “Sky Blue” which is a lovely bright blue almost teal colour.

Size: approximately 9.5 x 9 cm.

Pallet Wood Coaster Shou Sugi Ban Commissions & Bespoke Orders: We welcome commissions for our palletwood coasters. Coasters can be made in identical colours, a range of colours selected by us or in a set of colours to match your home decor, from the dyes we have available.

Great Christmas presents, wedding favours or house-warming gifts.

For a small extra charge the back of the coaster can be personalised with a name or message.

Note: those made from harder woods do not have as deeper grain as those made from softer woods, but both have a natural beauty of their own. All are put through the process described above,

More palletwood stuff gift ideas.


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