Rustic Palletwood Pendants – Various Colours




Wood Jewellery – Colourful Rustic Palletwood Pendants

Rustic Palletwood Pendants in various colours made from wood salvaged from a shipping pallet.

Commissions welcome. Please contact us if you would like to order more of these colourful pendants.

Rustic Palletwood Pendants Size: Outer circle is 8.5 cm in diameter. The pendant will be sent on a metre long suede finish black cord.

These pendants are cut from pallet wood planks that have first been de-nailed and sanded. The disc is then cut out of the wood using a disc cutter, then the centre hole is drilled out using a Forstner bit.

Rustic Palletwood Pendants - Various Colours
Palletwood Pendants Rings ready for colouring

Next step is to burn the circles with a torch until the surface is blistered, much like Crocodile skin to look at.

This technique is knows as Shou Sugi Ban, an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood. Then we brush the charred wood off with an abrasive wheel.

Finally these unisex rustic wood pendants are dyed with a water based wood stain and then polished using  Renaissance Wax. These are the same colours used in the tea-light holders, coasters and Incense burners.



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