Colourful Shou Sugi Ban Tray HONEY 01


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Colourful Pallet Wood Tray using Shou Sugi Ban Technique.

Shou Sugi Ban Tray HONEY 01 is a collaboration between Shalini & Dave. Dave prepares the wood and Shalini adds the rustic copper handles and decides the colour of the tray.  The handles on this tray are made from old copper pipe.

Shalini “I like using things from the hardware shop and plumbing suppliers in my work as well as upcycled metal. The handles on this tray come from old copper pipe. I have made these sculptural handles using a technique I use several times to make my Fantasy Series Copper Cuffs.”

These trays are food safe.

Weight: 841 grams; Sizes: L=49.5cm W=13.5cm H= 7.7cm (Wood is 1.9cm)

Commissions welcome. Please contact us for available colours and tray handle styles

How Colourful Shou Sugi Ban Tray HONEY 01 was made

These trays are made from upcycled pallet wood, using wood from pallets that are marked HT. This means the wood as been heat treated and not chemically treated to prevent rot.

The first part of the process is to run them through the Thicknesser to produce a smooth surface on both sides. Then they are sanded on all faces to prepare them for the next part of the process.

The wood is then burnt using a blow torch, this process is know as Shou Sugi Ban, an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood. This raises the grain of the wood nicely.

The trays are coloured using “Hampshire Sheen” Intrinsic colour water based wood dye and finished using food safe Tung Oil.


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