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Unpainted Small Pallet Wood Box with Shou Sugi Ban

Small Bare Shou Sugi Ban Box which has been left bare for you to finish as you wish.

You could use wood dye, or just wax it or perhaps give it a natural oil finish we have used coconut, olive and Tung oil in some of our palletwood projects.

The handle is made from heavy gauge copper wire by Shalini.

The Shou Sugi Ban wooden boxes are made to order. Please allow between 5 – 15 days for shipping.

Please Note: The pictures are examples only as each box will have its own natural grain and the patterns that emerge after charring the wood will be unique to each piece.

Small Bare Shou Sugi Ban Box Size:

The boxes are made from pallet wood and exact size depends on the width of the pallet slats that we use – Height = 5-7 cm; Length = 15-17 cm; Width = 8-10 cm. Copper handle is 3-4 cm high.

How we make our small palletwood boxes:

These small boxes are made entirely using upcycled wood from heat treated pallets.

The slats are removed from the pallet and then de-nailed, then the edges of each slat are cleaned up and straightened on the table saw, this ensures they are all the same width.

Next they are run through the planer on both sides to both clean up the faces and to make each slat is roughly the same thickness.

The lengths are now measured to make the side, bottoms, lids and ends and are then cut on the chop saw and finally sanded to clean the cuts up.

Finally the boxes are assembled using brad nails and wood glue. Once the glue is dry the boxes are sanded all over so they are ready for the next stage of finish if required.

More about making the Small Bare Shou Sugi Ban Box:

Sgousugiban and bare palletwood boxes
Natural and Shou Sugi Ban palletwood boxes. Both left bare for you to finish.

The wood is burnt using a blow torch, this process is know as Shou Sugi Ban, an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood.

We burn the finished bare box with a torch until the surface is blistered, much like Crocodile skin to look at.

Then we brush the charred wood off with an abrasive wheel. With a very coarse brush we are able to dig out the softer wood which effectively raises the natural grain.

We also offer bare unfinished wooden boxes in the palletwood stuff shop, which can be decorated and personalised by you.


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