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Storing my Pallet Wood Planks

Storing my Pallet Wood Planks

Thanks to my friends and other people my stock of pallet wood planks is growing steadily and they need to be stored somewhere dry. So it was time for a bit of re-organisation in the workshop, starting with the old log stores on the back wall.

The idea was to fit old scaffolding boards across the top of that space so that the planks could be stacked on them. While leaving enough space underneath for my power tools workbench to be wheeled in and out when it’s needed.

Here are before and after pictures so you get the gist of what I mean:


the old log store before being modified


the old log store after being modified to store pallet wood planks

This wasn’t to much of a job to achieve once I had cut out the red pallet from the bottom where the workbench lives now. Also put in a couple of posts to support the middle of the scaffold boards as there is quite a bit of weight on there now.

Problem is that now I need even more space to store these pallet planks as I have lots of pallets to break down. The storage rack above the workbench is full as you can see, there are over 200 pallet wood planks up there.

lots of pallets to be broken down

So far I have stripped 8 of the pallets shown above and they have yielded a lot of planks as you can see below:

more pallet wood planks to be stored

My only option now is to start ultilising the outside log stores which are available because we are not going to be burning logs much more.

pallet wood planks stored in outside log stores

However, using these old log stores has given me another small project, I now need to make some sort of doors to go on the front to keep the pallet wood planks dry.

I have a system in place, any planks stored inside the workshop on the racks has been thoroughly de-nailed and is ready for use. Any that is stored outside hasn’t been de-nailed, it’s a simple system, but one that I hope I can’t mess up!

So there you have it, my solution for storing my pallet wood planks, hope you found it useful and maybe it gave you a few ideas.

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Making Log Stores out of Shiping Pallets

Making Log Stores out of Shiping Pallets

Easy Log Stores From Shipping pallets

Making quick and easy Log Stores from Shipping Pallets was I think my first ever project using pallets. I needed an affordable way of storing my logs that would be easy to build. The Log Stores would also have to provide maximum air flow around the logs while they dry out or season and also be protected from the weather.

Making Log Stores out of Shiping Pallets

At that time I was able to cut and split my own firewood as a friendly tree surgeon used to let me have as much softwood as I wanted. I reckon I did around 8 tons a year to keep us heated throughout winter and not using gas central heating at all.

For this job pallets were just perfect, they came ready made with plenty of ventilation built an could easily be put to together with the minimum of fuss.

a complete and very full pallet log store

I figured out that 5 pallets could be used to make a “cube”, base, two sides, rear wall and roof. So now it was a matter of finding 5 pallets, preferably all of the same size. I got lucky and found a local agricultural machinery business who gave me as many pallets as I needed.

Build Your Log Store On Blocks

So without further ado, I sited my base pallet on blocks to raise it off the ground, this prevents damp creeping up into your logs and also encourages good air flow. Next the side walls and rear wall were fitted into place and screwed to the base and then each other at the points that they touched together. Then I put a couple of wooden blocks on the top of the rear wall, so when the roof pallet went on it had a slope for the rain water to run off. The front is left open top allow for easy loading and unloading of the logs and it also allows good air flow.

Next I found some old board to fix over the roof to fill in the gaps, then nailed a sheets of roofing felt over the top for a watertight roof.

Then I gave it a few coats of wood preservative, these logs stores were built around 5 years ago and do you know what, they are still standing!

We even built a huge version in the back of garage to hold the ready to use seasoned logs!

log store in back of garage built out of pallets

Sadly because a of a lower back issue I no longer split the logs myself, but these pallet creations are still used to store bought in logs and other stuff now. I will make some doors for them this summer to keep the contents dry.

Tools Used When Building The Pallet Log Stores

The Cordless drill or battery operated drill is really a tool that no one should be without. Not only is it a drill it can also double up as a very efficient screwdriver as well. The cordless drill to your left is a good example of how manufacturers are offering them as kits, containing both drill bits and screwdriver bits. To see the full range of Cordless drill on Amazon please go here: Cordless Drills available on Amazon

Perhaps the most useful tool you can own, the humble claw hammer is great for both hammering nails in, but can also pull nails out as well! In fact you would use this a lot when dismantling pallets. On the Log Stores it is used to drive in the tacks that secure the roofing felt. The claw hammer shown to your right is manufactured by Stanley and should last you many years. There are many claw hammers available so if you want to have a look go here: Claw Hammers available on Amazon

So there you have a it, a quick look at how to build your own Log Stores out of Shipping Pallets.