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Two New Pallet Wood Clocks Started

two new pallet wood clocks started

Just started a new project yesterday to create two new pallet wood clocks. One is for a birthday present and will feature a Spitfire and the other, featuring a Phaeton Carriage, is for Shalini’s stall at the upcoming Georgian Festival in Stamford on 28th and 29th September 2019.

The image below shows the four prepared planks glued together with another plank from the same pallet for comparison.

Two New Pallet Wood Clocks Startedr

This project also presented a great opportunity to try out my new Triton Planer/Thicknesser machine as I needed to clean up four pallet planks, make them of equal thickness and try to get decent edges for gluing them together.

Two New Pallet Wood Clocks Started
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